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  • Beacon Hill Driving School
    Since 1983

    Our goal is to provide the
    best training to ensure you
    and your family can always
    stay safe on the road.

  • Teen Program

    We offer a good environment
    for our students to learn
    and obtain the knowledge
    and skill.

  • Private Lessons

    All of our instructors have
    many years of training
    experience and will guide
    you through step-by-step.

Welcome To Beacon Hill Driving School

Beacon Hill Driving School offers professional driving training for both teenagers and adults. We are dedicated to providing a good learning environment for all of our students. We take pride in providing and maintaining a high standard of driver education.

In addition, we put a strong emphasis on defensive driving. Your safety on the road is our top priority; all of our vehicles are equipped with Dual Steering Wheels, Dual Brakes/Gas petals, and Instructor Mirror.

Whether you want to obtain the neccessy skills to become a safe driver or simply want to improve a specific driving technique. We are the experts and are here to assist you.

Over the past many years, countless teenagers and adults have tremendously benefitted from our driving program. Our training techniques are proven to give you results.

***Knowledge Test and Drive Test Are Now Available At Our School***

***WALK-IN WELCOME.Please Call For Same Day Appointment***

For more information or to please call our:

Office: (206) 725-2077 9:30am-6pm, Monday-Saturday

Kirk Wong (206) 579-5010

Joanne Klein (206) 725-2077

May Wong  (206) 725-2077

Peter Klein (206) 725-2077 

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We can help you with:

-Mastering the basic fundamentals of safe driving

-Reducing and minimizing accidents

-Learning all mechanical and safety procedures

-Smooth turning and maneuvering


-Passing the knowledge test and driving test with ease


October, 2011

"I had such a great experience. They are professional and friendly. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who lives in the area! "

Derek C., 24

September, 2011

"I am so glad I came here. My instructor Kirk was awesome!! I could tell he is very experienced, and he taught me all that I need to always drive safe on the road!

Rey Lingco, 29

February, 2011

"Steve is the best!!!!! I passed the test with a score of 94 in my first try! Everything he taught me, I just followed it plus he is very friendly and very patient. Thank you Beacon Hill!!!!"

Tori G, 18

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